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Space Management.
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Designers Gang Renovation

We Are A Team Of Experienced And Reliable Contractors, and Can Handle All Your Renovation Needs. 

BuilderTrend is our commitment to our customers that our transparent process, inclusive approach and accessible team will keep them involved throughout the project.

Designers Gang Renovations is one of Delhi's leading renovation specialists. For over 20 years, we have provided a full spectrum of services, including kitchens, bathrooms, NCR whole house renovations, and basement finishing. From planning & design, through all phases of construction using our project management software, we provide the expertise, trades, and suppliers required to make your project a successful one.

We have built a solid reputation with our clients for quality workmanship, and project professionalism.

Our unique approach to working closely with our customers, and our care for craftsmanship, has lead to countless successful renovation projects.

Our Services

Whatever the extent of your whole house renovation, Designers Gang Renovations can provide all the services required to transform your home into a new home with finishes and upgrades that meet your needs.

Interior Renovation

Your home's interior refect your internal personality, we beautify complete interior to presenting as an example will insist people to follow you.

Exterior Renovation

Exterior of any building mark a notation on public mind and become a landmark. Be a part of this commuinity and let people give a new name to your home.

Planning & Design

Making a plan to execute in design to reflect in highly decorative manner to showcase your living world.

Project Management

Our Project Management team ensures top qaulaity work through managing & inspecting every Inche.

Master Bedroom Design

Making a plan to execute in design to reflect in highly decorative manner to showcase your living world.

Guest Room Design

Get make your guests admired your high luxury guestroom design within your budget.

Kids Room Design

Let live your kids in thier precious time of childhood, with thier flare & happiest momories.

Living & Dinning Renovation

Living room is a place where you want to spend some moment of relex & Dinning gives you the energy to achieve your goals.

Lobby Room Renovation

Making a plan to execute in design to reflect in highly decorative manner to showcase your living world.

Corridor Renovation

Feel like a king while crossing over your corridor area.

Kitchen Renovation

Get highly demanded open & Modular Kitchen renovated as your need and serve your love in form of delicious food.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom as important as air, start your day with beautiful smile and happiness. Get make your bathroom a part of your home.

Basement Renovation

Great! luckily you have a basement, why don't you get it make your favourite palce of quality time.

Bedroom Renovation

Acording to Vastu your Bedroom is the key of happiness and success, we make it optimum place with our esteemed services.

Plumbing Work

Plumbing problems can break your routine life and irritate you. Get these services resolved in a quick call.

Electrical Work

Electric has made our life easy & smooth with same risk of our property and lifes as well. We fix all electrical problems of your home.

Wooden Work

Get repaired your old furiture of get make new trending furniture and installation. Show your design furniture pic we will make it for you, and save your money.

False Ceiling Work

Get a luxurious design to your ceiling and make impress to your guests. Get Praise hang in frames on your wall.


Structural Renovation cost is Rs. 300 per square feet in some extent. Sometimes it is more cheaper than that and sometimes more.

In this world, everything have 2 phases. Both things exist their best. So better ask right company to give you better solution. Sometimes, professional or companies can misguide you for their profit. if you want to save money and renovate. Indian standard gives so many techniques and methodology to increase strength of old building and make changes as you want.

Renovation is always very tricky and it should be done by professional not because only they can do it, but because they will save you from expensive mistakes and right way to do your renovation deal in better way. They will save your time as well as money.

Building new is also a better option but it take full money and full time as well as completely new process to take permission and approved plan from the authority. It is completely your choice. Renovation can saves very many things at the same time and gives you almost similar strength and durability in less cost and time.

Yes, it really so. Renovation is the the process to renew your house completely.

It takes 15 day to 1 month in small houses up to 1000 square feet and average house of 2500 to 2500 square feet 1 month to 2 month tentatively and changes what need to be done. This time will be more or less according to the work.

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